Thursday, March 26, 2020; 10:25 am CST

Dear Friends, Family and Clients,

Our main indicators were completely “washed out” from intense selling pressure over the last several weeks. We saw market declines that were historic in nature.

Now, a week later they’re incredibly positive.

We have to remember the stock market discounts the future. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is “priced in” using a global auction marketplace.

The Russell 2,000 which recently traded at $96 per share, also traded at that level in May 2013.  Years of gains wiped out in a few short weeks. Two thousand of the best, most entrepreneurial  companies in America lost approximately 44% of their market value peak-to-trough. Those companies also pay an annual dividend income 132% GREATER than “safe” US 10 Treasury notes. (1.90% vs. 0.816%)

I could list the top 25 or 50 companies but other than 2 or 3, you’ve likely never heard of them. Emotionally frightened “bad” investors are BEGGING us to take these companies off their hands at 2013 prices.

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