Frequently Asked Questions

How is it that you get paid and are able to stay in business?

Cenacle Capital is “fee based” advisor. Our annual management cost to your account is based on the closing value of your assets, on the last day of every calendar quarter. We’re an independent, registered investment advisor and not a commission based stock broker or broker/dealer.

Do you have a minimum amount of money requirement for investment?

We have a “preferred minimum” account size depending on the strategy, but it’s open to negotiation.

Do you act in a fiduciary capacity towards your clients?

Yes. We play the role of a fiduciary, and not just a suitability role. It means we’ve structured our business to eliminate all forms of conflict toward our clients. We have also acquired the Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst AIFA ® designation from the Center for Fiduciary Studies-(fi360.com)

Unfortunately, we have all witnessed scandalous behavior in our lifetime. Our actions are judged with perfect 20/20 hindsight.Most of the people I have met in the financial services industry have been amazingly generous and truly want to help people improve their financial lives.

Cenacle Capital cannot control the stock market, world events, Federal Reserve policy, or 1,001 other things. We do our part by keeping the annual expenses and ongoing commissions as low as possible; and keep the potential for upside returns as high as possible, and let the market do the rest. We’re passionately optimistic about the future. We don’t always know how things are going to get resolved; we just know that they will.

What is your “value proposition”?

The value we believe we bring is threefold:


We carefully monitor the annual expenses of the funds, before we decide to buy. We use dividend paying stocks and diversified funds traded on a listed stock exchange, (ETFs) which in many cases are 25% to 60% less than the average mutual fund fee.


By transferring your account to Scottrade Advisor Services, a discount brokerage firm, the ongoing costs associated with managing your account over a 30 + year retirement is on the lowest end of the range possible.


No investment advisor can claim a monopoly on investment strategies. Every strategy is as diverse as the client. Because we don’t have any products to sell you or commissions to collect, we firmly believe that “we sit on the same side of the table as you”. We can adjust any strategy according to your comfort level.

How do I know that you are not the next Bernie Madoff?

Cenacle Capital is a “separate account manager”. Your money is not co-mingled with other funds. We open an account registered in your name; it’s your account. You grant Cenacle Capital limited authority to buy and sell stocks according to the investment strategy we build together.

We don’t take custody of your assets like Bernie Madoff. You own the account. Limited Discretionary Authority can be revoked at any time.

Why are low annual fees so important for an account?

Do a Google search for “compound savings Excel sheet” and play around with the numbers. All things being equal, like an 8% annual rate of return, the account being 100% invested and a 401(k) starting with $50,000; an account grows to over $240,000 in 20 years. Use the spreadsheet to see how your expenses really add up over your investing career. Your numbers may vary, but we strongly encourage you to do your homework before letting anyone manage your assets. Fees do matter…a lot.

Are retirees the exception or the norm for you?

Our client’s age range from the early-40’s through the early 80’s. Some are retired, others are entrepreneurs who are too busy running their business and prefer to let another like minded, small business owner manage their account. It’s a philosophical decision. Our clients generally have an issue with firms considered “too big to fail”.

Do you have any investment/other conflicts of interest?


What can you do to help retirees to not outlive their nest egg?

The goal of every advisor, and not just Cenacle Capital, is to make sure that you have enough money for as long as you live.

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