Why We Exist

Cenacle Capital Management exists to protect company owners and individual employees from the biased opinions and hidden agendas of commission-based stock brokers and wealth managers.

My goal was and still is, to deliver an attractive  return while balancing risks to avoiding the crippling losses that investors often sustain when the stock market declines. I want to reliably grow the ‘nest egg’ of the clients I serve.

There will never be any conflict of interest, nor ‘product-driven sales’ culture at Cenacle Capital Management. There will be no ‘hidden’ fees charged.The strategies we choose together will be best one that fits your financial goals at that time.

We do not offer insurance products, annuities, Master Limited Partnerships or non-traded REIT’s. We do not have “revenue sharing” agreements with our product providers, which in some cases can tempt an advisor to put a commission check ahead of the client’s interest.

At Cenacle Capital Management, you will be treated with the respect and dignity, and anyone in our employ will operate under the same standard, where integrity and decency is the way business is conducted every day.

Clients have access to my personal cell phone number and can contact me anytime including weekends & holidays.