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If Bitcoin were to grow to the same level of market capitalization as some of the largest US Companies, it would be trading at the following prices found at the end of each data bar in white. The formula we used was simple. Current market capitalization / number of bitcoins in circulation. ( click to enlarge image) For informational purposes only. Not a recommendation to buy or sell Bitcoin. See our website for our recent regulatory disclaimer: https://cenaclecapital.com/about-cenacle/disclaimer/ Current prices from Google Finance, 04/26/2017. Number of Bitcoins in circulation as of 01/24/2017: 16,293,863...

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How Bitcoin Compares to Gold & World Currency ETF’s Bitcoin has fallen to the low end of the range in terms of its relative strength with other asset classes, despite its recent uptrend. Caution must be exercised with Bitcoin investment at this time, as the chart below implies it may be the one of the worst performing asset class in the short term. The Bitcoin Matrix below uses relative strength technical analysis to show how Bitcoin ranks against foreign currency Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and other asset classes like Gold and Silver listed on US exchanges. Top relative strength candidates “float to the top”; while weaker candidates “sink to the bottom”. Click chart to enlarge. Please contact Cenacle Capital Management, LLC if you would like to discuss ways of incorporating Bitcoin into your own investment portfolio. HOW TO READ THIS CHART Relative strength measures the performance of one security in comparison to another. For example, how Microsoft is performing compared to the S&P 500, or how the U.S. Dollar is doing relative to the Euro, or how Bitcoin is doing relative to other Exchange Traded Funds and asset classes. To calculate relative strength, take the price of one security and divide it by the other (the security you want to compare), then plot the daily values using Point & Figure charting. While relative strength signals last on average about two years, an investor can also look to relative strength  relationships for near term guidance. Technical Attributes/Score is a ranking system that is applied to all ETFs using both trend and relative strength analysis. Stocks & ETF’s with at least...