On July 11th, I presented for 90 minutes to the Philanthropy Group- Chicago on Bitcoin & The Future of Philanthropy. I would like to thank Rich Gage and Gus Wilhelmy for inviting me to speak on a topic I’m very passionate about.

Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum will innovate and disrupt non profits and private foundations by;

  • Reducing bank expenses and payment friction
  • Providing complete transparency in accounting books and records
  • Expanding base and adding tens or hundreds of thousands of real time donors
  • Increasing trust by offering real time monitoring of restricted & non-restricted funds
  • Capturing micro-impulse donations for specific exhibits
  • Improving goodwill during gala events where time & opportunity is restricted
  • Providing micro donations throughout the year instead of November -January crush

I’m excited to report that after a meeting with Monica Metzler, the Director of the Illinois Science Council, a not-for-profit corporation, is now accepting Bitcoin! http://www.illinoisscience.org/about/get-involved/

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