March 12, 2020: 11:22 am CST

Dear Friends, Family and Clients,
Let me get straight to the point. I almost can’t contain my enthusiasm for the buying opportunity I’m seeing in the market. I call bulls**t, on the global pandemic. Here’s why.
First, when I went on my morning walk, I heard a male cardinal “sing” for the first time in almost a year. Their call for a mate is unquestionably the most beautiful sound in all of nature.
It reminded me that Spring has arrived and winter is behind us.
Just as the market decline has arrived; so too has the sounds for a new and glorious bull market have been sung.
We’ve been given a second chance to grow our wealth. As sure as the sun was shining this morning; as sure as that bright red cardinal was singing its heart out has helped put the nature of investing in clear perspective….Click Here to Read our Newsletter..