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Q: How is the market doing so far in 2015?

A: There is an old market saying,”As January goes, so goes the year,” but for those who lack the patience to wait three more weeks for the guidance of this adage to become clear, there is hope.

According to the Stock Trader’s Almanac, published by Jeffery & Yale Hirsch (visit, “As the first five days of January go, so goes January, and thus so goes the year.”

Their research shows that 35 of the past 41 Januaries with a positive “first five day” return, were followed by full-year gains (an 85% accuracy ratio). This year, based upon the S&P 500 Index [SPX], the market managed a gain of just 0.1% in the first 5 trading days
(thru 1/8/2015). (1)

Based on the historical trends, 2015 is set for an unchanged year. So big rallies should be sold, and any reasonable decline has to be bought.

Q: What are your clients talking about lately?
A: Oil and Interest rates.

My clients are looking for income, a reasonable rate of return and someone to manage the investments in their portfolio. With interest rates so low, we have identified some attractive areas.

DISCLAIMER: We do not have positions in any of these stocks. We’re are still performing our due diligence and will not be able to inform you if we decide they do not meet our criteria.
Ask your financial advisor or professional for his / her opinion.


These are not recommendations but ideas for review by an investment professional and savvy investors. Past performance is no guarantee of future results .

Tax Free Domestic Insured Municipal Bond Funds
Symbol                   Name                                                                    Price             Yield

NKX Nuveen Insured California Tax Free Advantage Municipal Fund ( leverage) 14.91 5.8
BSE BlackRock New York Insured Municipal Inc 13.47 5.35
MUC BlackRock MuniHoldings California Insured Fund Inc 14.85 5.46
NEA Nuveen Insured Tax-Free Advantage Municipal Fund 14.22 5.78
BYM BlackRock Insured Municipal Income Trust 14.63 5.86

 Global Equity Closed End Funds

Symbol             Name                                                                             Price             Yield

BME Blackrock Health Sciences Trust 40.4 4.9
BEP Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP 31.04 4.99
IGR ING Clarion Global Real Estate Income Fu 9.24 5.84
GRX Gabelli Healthcare and WellnessRx Trust 10.4 5.96
HQH H&Q Healthcare Investments 32.94 6.74

Oil Related Dividend Paying Companies

Symbol               Name                                                                           Price                Yield

XOM Exxon Mobil Corporation                                     $             90.33 3.06
DK Delek US Holdings Inc. $             27.54 3.27
OIH Market Vectors Oil Services Fund $             64.39 2.68
SXL Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P. $             38.94 3.93
WES Western Gas Partners LP $             67.60 3.99

Footnotes: Dorsey Wright & Associates

Oil companies weakness hasn’t caught up yet with the fast decline in Oil, so investors need to be patient and selective. The result of over-producing $100.00 per barrel oil is $40.00 oil.

Wisdom tells us the best cure for lower prices is indeed lower prices!  In the case of oil, the lower the price, the sooner production growth will (eventually) slow down as the lower price will force producers to cut-back on capital expenditures and research and development.

“As January goes, so goes the year”. January is the perfect month to check your account statements. If you don’t check your expenses, annual managment fees or consolidate your  accounts, don’t expect anything to change in 2015.


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