Everything you need to know about Long Term Care insurance with specialist Ron Cohen. The Final Third Network™ refers to a time, challenges, and the joyful experiences a person faces between the ages of 55 and 95+. It is the realization that we are entering the Final Third of our life here on this planet. Words and phrases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, retirement, living will, downsizing to a smaller house, the joy of grandparenting, Long-Term Care insurance, becoming a snow bird, power of attorney, traveling, senior living community, Medicare, maintaining an active lifestyle, caregivers, estate planning, philanthropy, second career, final arrangements, required minimum distribution from 401(k) or IRA’s, outliving your money are all becoming a part of our vocabulary. The Final Third Network™ is a resource for support and understanding of how to navigate the unique challenges and positive aspects of being in the Final Third of life. The Final Third can be a new beginning filled with joy, purpose, and passion as we leave our unique and indelible legacy to the world. It can be the “Best of Times” or the “Worst of Times”, which are you going to choose? The links below direct you to our Facebook page. Please Like and Share, and be sure to send us your questions and topics which we will address in future episodes!