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Invest in Blockchain Stocks


Cenacle Capital Management is a Bitcoin & Blockchain friendly investment advisor, and we view blockchain “tokens” as an alternative currency, an investment asset class driving the next generation of innovative technology as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things. (IoT)

We recently launched a strategy to participate in blockchain technology, with Blockchain Enterprise Investment Strategy


Up until now, we’ve had the Internet of Information. When I send information through the internet like a spreadsheet, PDF, or copy of a digital image, I’m actually sending the recipient a COPY and I maintain possession of the original. While that works well low value items, it doesn’t work well for things like money, international settlements, or the trillions of dollars which move through the global supply chain.

Blockchain is a form of technology that allows companies, people or computers to TRANSFER an original version, limited supply of a digital asset and the unique rights of ownership, person to person, without the need of a trusted intermediary like a bank, Recorder of Deeds office, or brokerage house.

It’s a connected network of computers that provide the trust factor. The recipient has 100% certainty they have enforceable ownership of the original and not a copy or a counterfeit.

How Can I Participate Financially in Blockchain Technology?

Cenacle Capital Management introduced an investment strategy suitable for a self-directed 401(k), IRA or regular accounts using TD Ameritrade our custodian, which consists of a portfolio of about 30 US companies providing hardware, software and consulting services that are embracing the coming revolution of public and private blockchain technology.

This technology in my opinion is more of a game changer than social media, cloud computing and almost any technology I can think of.

The Global Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, is about $100 trillion dollars annually give or take a few trillion here or there. Much of that moves inefficiently with fax machines, paper invoices in triplicate, 7 day wire transfers, and hundreds of billions or trillions more held in cash reserves as a pledge against counter party risk.

Think about this. It took 26 days to receive payment for a consulting gig I did in London in 2012. This is with country the USA has been doing business with since 1776.

Blockchain technology in the form of “smart contracts”, will in the coming decades unshackle a vast majority of these assets, permitting them to move seamlessly, securely and instantaneously around the globe.



If all you want to do is buy bitcoins, we’re happy to schedule a brief 15 minute phone call as a courtesy to get you started. 

However, Cenacle Capital Management is a subject matter expert (SME) and is interested in having an ongoing dialog with business owners and long term investors interested in having a strategic conversation.

At the time this writing, there are more than 1,110 different digital currencies like bitcoin, called cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency today is where the internet was in 1992. It’s the next big thing! (https://coinmarketcap.com/)

Our primary goal is to create a diversified investment portfolio using a mix of traditional, low cost investments using Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s), advanced pension & tax strategies and to implement ways to squeeze 20 years of retirement investing into 10.


Bitcoin is the first of its kind in a new asset class called cryptocurrency.

To function as money, or maintain a role as a worthwhile investment; Bitcoin needs to be a store of value, a means of exchange, and achieve widespread adoption. We believe Bitcoin meets that criteria. (1)

Portfolio managers are constantly looking for ways to achieve portfolio growth which does not react in the same manner as the stock or bond market. Bitcoin is achieving worldwide adoption as more people and companies accept it as a method of payment, and a “flight to quality” safe haven. (2), (3)


No. Cenacle Capital Management will educate and teach you how to invest a portion of your net worth in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies using “cold wallet” technology. Bitcoin expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos said in an interview:

“We have an expression, in the United States which is “possession is nine-tenths of the law”. Have you heard that expression? In Bitcoin, possession is ten-tenths of the law. If you control the bitcoin keys, it’s your bitcoin. If you don’t control the bitcoin keys, it’s not your bitcoin. You are back to a master-slave relationship with a bank.” (4)

The safest way to own Bitcoin, or any other digital token is to hold personal possession of your private key.

Until the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approves the Bitcoin ETF making it easier for investors, we firmly believe it is in your best interest to maintain complete control of your Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

Contact us to receive a Risk analysis on how adding Bitcoin to your portfolio might look.

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